Portland Open House Feature of our Website

Open House Burst

Have you ever wondered: Where can I find a complete and up to date list of all the open houses in Portland that are scheduled for this weekend? Well – guess what! Our new website does that for you, all you have to do is go there (PortlandRealEstate.team) and click on the “Open Houses” link at the top. This is not just our open houses, this is everyone’s open house! That’s because we are certain you want a complete list, and so you should have it. Remember: for us it’s about you.

If you think you might do this more than once, simply bookmark the page PortlandRealEstate.team/Portland-Open-Houses and BOOM! You always have it. Notice that at the bottom of the page we also have some links for other open houses in the areas surrounding Portland.  Use them!  They’re there for you!

If you have other thoughts or needs in this area, we’d be happy to create something just for you. Let us know!

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